Regulations for Providing Services at NURT Centrum Terapii

§1 Provided Services

1. At NURT Centrum Terapii, we conduct psychiatric and psychological visits. Visits take place in the form of stationary appointments at the facility and, to a limited extent, through teleconsultations.
2. Teleconsultations are conducted through video conferencing tools such as Skype or by phone. A teleconsultation is carried out only after prepayment (100% of the amount) in accordance with the applicable price list.
3. Initial psychiatric teleconsultations are exclusively conducted via video conferencing, and there is no option for such a visit through a phone call.
4. In special cases, the doctor may refuse to conduct a remote visit or indicate the need for another stationary visit if it is deemed necessary for the proper care to examine the patient during an in-person visit.
5. During medical visits, relevant certificates and prescriptions are issued. In the absence of reporting such a need during the visit, there is an option to pay for the issuance of a certificate outside of the visit. Such a certificate is issued based on medical documentation.
6. The doctor may refuse to issue a certificate if, in their assessment, the medical documentation is not sufficient, and a personal examination of the patient is necessary. The certificate is issued after payment in accordance with the price list.
7. Medical certificates and the assessment of the patient’s ability to return to work after the end of sick leave always require an assessment of the indications for such leave, the current mental state, and a personal examination of the patient; therefore, they are issued only during visits.
8. For regular patients who continue treatment and had their last visit at NURT Centrum Terapii within the last three months, in exceptional situations, to avoid a sudden interruption of pharmacotherapy, it is permissible to order a prescription for the amount of medication necessary for the next visit but not exceeding one month of pharmacotherapy. When ordering a prescription, stable well-being, the absence of alarming symptoms (including suicidal thoughts), and no significant side effects must be confirmed. If the condition worsens or any concerning symptoms appear, it should be immediately reported to the doctor.
9. In case of doubt about the patient’s condition, the doctor may refuse to issue such a prescription and recommend an urgent consultation or contact the patient to obtain necessary information before issuing it. The prescription is issued after payment in accordance with the price list.
10. Psychological diagnosis is carried out exclusively in stationary mode. This applies to psychological, neuropsychological, and ADHD diagnoses.
11. Psychotherapeutic sessions are conducted in the form of stationary visits and teleconsultations. The form of therapy is individually determined with the therapist. Online therapy sessions are conducted after prepayment (100% of the amount) in accordance with the price list.

§2 Opening Hours

1. The Mental Health Clinic NURT Centrum Terapii, registered in the Register of Entities Conducting Medical Activity under number 000000267532, NIP number 5842841286, located in Gdańsk at al. Grunwaldzka 505/4, is open from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 20:00 and on selected Saturdays from 10:00 to 14:00.
2. Telephone registration is active during the clinic’s working hours.
3. The Mental Health Clinic NURT Centrum Terapii reserves the right to change opening hours due to technical reasons or unforeseen events.

§3 Appointment Booking

1. Appointments at NURT Centrum Terapii can be booked:

2. Confirmation of attendance in the reserved slot is necessary before the visit. This confirmation can be done independently through the portal. In other cases, on a working day preceding the scheduled appointment, the registration contacts the patient to confirm their presence. In case of no contact with the patient and no confirmation of their presence 24 hours before the planned visit, the clinic reserves the right to cancel such a visit.
3. For initial video appointments, during the appointment confirmation process, the patient is obligated to express their will regarding authorization (or lack thereof) of third parties to obtain information about the patient’s health. For this purpose, the registration obtains a statement from the patient, and then sends the appropriate form to the email address specified by the patient. The patient is required to print, sign, and send the statement electronically.
4. For initial video appointments, the patient should familiarize themselves with the Privacy Clause of the facility regarding personal data processing available on the website or at the facility. Before the appointment, the registration sends a declaration of familiarity with the Clause to the specified email address. The patient should send a scan of the printed and signed declaration.
5. Appointments scheduled for teleconsultations (video calls or phone calls) and Saturday appointments require prepayment of 100% of the appointment price. Payment in accordance with the price list must be made 24 hours before the planned visit. In case of non-payment, the visit will be canceled.
6. Participation in workshops requires prepayment. Payment in accordance with the price list must be made 48 hours before the workshop date. In case of non-payment, the person will be removed from the list of participants.

§4 Cancellation of Appointment

1. Cancellation of online/telephone appointment reservations and Saturday appointments up to 24 hours before the agreed date occurs without additional costs. If the patient has made a payment, the amount will be refunded in full.
2. In case of canceling the appointment later than 24 hours before the visit, the prepayment is non-refundable.
3. The Mental Health Clinic NURT Centrum Terapii reserves the right to cancel a previously scheduled appointment due to random reasons. In such a situation, NURT Centrum Terapii undertakes to offer the patient another available earliest date.

§5 Payments::

1. Fees are charged according to the price list available on the website and at the registration desk.
2. Payment for appointments can be made:

  • In cash, by card, or through BLIK at the facility.
  • Via the t-pay payment gateway – this applies to teleconsultations, Saturday appointments, participation in workshops, paid certificates or prescriptions. After booking an appointment and confirming attendance, the patient receives a payment link via email. The link is valid for 24 hours. In case of non-payment, the facility reserves the right to cancel the appointment.
  • By bank transfer to the account:
    mBank: 57 1140 2004 0000 3702 8410 3555
    The title should include the patient’s name and surname, and the appointment date. In the case of bank transfer payment, it is necessary to promptly send confirmation of the transfer to the address: rejestracja@nurtcentrum.

3. Payment for a stationary appointment at the facility (excluding Saturday appointments and workshops) must be settled before its commencement.
4. Payment for teleconsultations (video calls and phone consultations), Saturday appointments, workshops, prescriptions, and certificates must be settled 24 hours before the scheduled appointment.
5. For recurring visits as part of the psychotherapeutic process, additional regulations regarding scheduling/canceling visits and their payments, not covered in this regulation, may be specified in the individual therapeutic contract with the patient.

§6 Appointments

1. A patient who comes to the clinic for the first time is asked to arrive 10 minutes before the planned appointment to complete documentation, read the information clause regarding personal data processing, and sign relevant consents and statements.
2. A patient who comes to the clinic for the first time must bring a document with a photo. The document is necessary to confirm identity and create medical documentation.
3. If the initial appointment takes place through a video call, the patient must have a document with a photo to confirm their identity by showing it to the camera.
4. For an appointment involving a person under 18 years of age, a parent/legal guardian/legal representative, who expresses written consent for the appointment before the visit, must also be present. For teenagers above 16 years of age, written consent from the teenager is also required.
5. An appointment for a person under 18 years of age takes place in the presence and with the written consent of a parent/legal guardian/legal representative. The psychiatrist/psychologist/psychotherapist decides whether and when it is appropriate to have a separate conversation with the child.
6. If a patient is late for a medical appointment by 20 minutes or more, the doctor reserves the right not to conduct such an appointment. Such a visit may be rescheduled for a later date, according to the availability of doctors’ schedules.
7. If a patient who has not been treated by a particular doctor before schedules a follow-up appointment (20 minutes) instead of an initial appointment (40 minutes), such a visit will not be conducted. The patient will be offered the next available date allowing for a full-length initial appointment. Exceptions are situations in which a patient previously treated at NURT Centrum Terapii requires consultation, and their treating doctor is unavailable. In such cases, another doctor with access to the patient’s documentation can conduct a follow-up appointment (20 minutes).
8. If the last visit with a specific specialist was more than a year from the scheduled visit date, NURT Centrum Terapii reserves the right, to ensure proper care, to require the patient to undergo an initial appointment again (40 minutes) with payment according to the applicable price list.
9. NURT Centrum Terapii reserves the right to delay the start of an appointment due to unforeseen events. The duration of the appointment will not change.
10. If a patient receives a prescription during a medical visit, they are obligated to fill it within a specified period (usually 30 days). In the case of an unfulfilled/expired prescription due to the patient’s fault, the doctor may issue such a prescription for a fee according to the applicable price list.
11. OL-9 forms and medical certificates are issued free of charge as part of the patient’s visit. The doctor has 7 days to issue certificates. Ready documents are kept at the clinic – available for personal pickup, by an authorized person, sent by mail, or as an encrypted file sent to the patient’s specified email address. In the case of postal delivery, the patient will be charged the shipping cost.
12. The doctor has the right to refuse to accept a patient whose condition indicates the consumption of alcohol or other intoxicants.
13. Within the NURT Centrum Terapii premises, an absolute prohibition on the consumption of alcohol, smoking tobacco and electronic cigarettes, and the use of psychoactive substances is enforced.
14. Animals are not allowed on the premises of NURT Centrum Terapii, except for working animals such as guide dogs.
15. The staff of NURT Centrum Terapii reserves the right to interrupt or cancel an appointment and refrain from treatment if faced with a situation of immediate danger to the health and life of patients and others.
16. In situations of a conflict of interests or other contentious and doubtful issues related to patients’ use of the clinic’s services, the final decision is made by the facility’s management.

§7 Medical Documentation

1. 1. Upon the request of authorized entities, NURT Centrum Terapii issues extracts, copies, or copies of medical documentation concerning individuals using services at NURT Centrum Terapii.
2. Issuing extracts and copies of documents available to NURT Centrum Terapii is done in accordance with personal data protection regulations, as well as principles of maintaining medical and psychiatric confidentiality.
3. The patient or a person authorized by them can request the issuance of their medical documentation by phone at 608-400-506, by email at:, by mail to the address NURT Centrum Terapii al. Grunwaldzka 505/4 80-320 Gdańsk, or in person at NURT Centrum Terapii.
4. Documentation is issued in the form agreed upon with the patient/authorized person. The patient/authorized person must confirm their identity when collecting the documentation.
5. The patient/authorized person receives information about the expected date of issuing the documentation during the collection process.
6. Medical documentation is issued within 14 days from the date of the request, except for situations where the complexity of the case or other justified reasons may extend this period.
7. The first copy of the documentation is provided free of charge.

§8 Complaints and claims

1. The patient can submit a complaint or claim within 14 days of the completed appointment. The complaint or claim can be sent via email to the address: or by mail to the address: NURT Centrum Terapii, al. Grunwaldzka 505/4, 80-320 Gdańsk.
2. Complaints and claims will be reviewed within 21 days from the date of receiving the correspondence.