Olga Genge


Psychiatry specialist and graduate of Medical University of Gdańsk. She completed her specialization training at the Department of Adult Psychiatry of the University Clinical Center in Gdańsk, the Psychiatry Clinic of the University Hospital in Bydgoszcz, and also at the Hospital for Neurological and Psychiatric Patients in Starogard Gdański.

In her medical practice, she values honest communication with patients, establishing a comfortable therapeutic relationship that allows for the determination of an accurate diagnostic and therapeutic plan.

When it comes to treatment, she follows evidence-based medicine (EBM) guidelines but strives to tailor therapy to the individual needs of each patient. She emphasizes a holistic approach to the healing process, considering psychoeducation and psychotherapy as integral parts of psychiatric treatment that support long-term therapeutic effects. With her compassionate and holistic approach to psychiatry, she instills confidence and comfort, making her an invaluable support for her patients.

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