Angelika Sawicka


She holds a Ph.D. in health sciences, a master’s degree in psychology, and is a specialist in the field of psychodietetics. She completed her master’s studies in psychology at the University of Gdańsk and postgraduate studies in psychodietetics at SWPS in Poznań. She also participated in a year-long training in dialectical-behavioral therapy organized by PTDBT.

She defended her doctoral thesis at the Medical University of Gdańsk, and during her doctoral studies, she had the opportunity to undergo two internships at the Faculty of Clinical Psychology and Psychobiology at the University of Barcelona.

She works at the Medical University of Gdańsk as a scientific and didactic employee, combining scientific work with practice. Her research focuses on the impact of nutrition and physical activity on cognitive functioning, mood changes, and functional changes in the brain.

At NURT Centrum Terapii, she works with patients on changing habits and improving their relationship with food. She conducts consultations on eating disorders, including compulsive overeating, bulimia, and anorexia.

Using elements of dialectical-behavioral therapy (DBT), she assists patients in working on their emotions and coping with stress, enabling them to make changes in their eating habits.

Registation is possible in person at the clinic, by phone, or via email: