Alicja Ryżak

Psychologist, undergoing training in cognitive-behavioral therapy

Psychologist, undergoing training in cognitive-behavioral therapy She graduated from a 5-year, integrated master’s program in psychology with a specialty in clinical psychology at the Jagiellonian University; she is continuing her education at the 4-year Crescentia School of Psychotherapy. She has completed numerous additional trainings in other approaches, including motivational interviewing and solution-focused therapy (two levels).
She gained experience at the National Society for Autism, the Psychotherapy Department of the University Hospital in Krakow, and Projekt The Presja.
She sees the establishment of a relationship based on trust and respect, as well as an atmosphere of openness and acceptance, as core and fundamental aspects of her work. She accompanies patients facing various challenges on the path to a more satisfying, fulfilling life. She is a strong believer in evidence based practice, adheres to the Psychologist’s Code of Ethics, and works under regular supervision. She is a member of the Polish Psychological Association, the Polish Association for Cognitive and Behavioural Therapy, and the Polish Association of Solution Focused Therapists.
At NURT Centrum Terapii, she provides cognitive-behavioral therapy integrated with motivational interviewing, as well as solution-focused therapy and psychological consultations. She works on-line in both Polish and English.

Registation is possible in person at the clinic, by phone, or via email:

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